Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's all about me.

I need to tell a little more about myself. I have a form of muscular dystrophy which has progressed to the point of needing a ventilator to assist my breathing. Since I have lost my ability to swallow I require a gastric (G) tube to be fed. After many attempts with gadgets and such I haven’t been able to speak since. It’s been a long 5 years since all of this has taken place. At that time I contracted a near fatal pneumonia that left me this way. I was literally dying when I was rushed to the ER, which was very close to my house, ¼ mile or so distance.
The doctor informed my family of my imminent demise. After a day or two of fighting, I pulled through. I spent the next three weeks recovering in ICU. There was additional recovery in a rehab hospital. By that time I was permanently dependent on the vent. Soon after I left I found myself in a nursing facility and received less than stellar care (that is a different story entirely. Several weeks later, after much planning and at the end of my insurance coverage, my wife was able to bring me home.
I needed and still need total care and required nursing care and was able to find someone to fit the bill. It was a very fortuitous chain of events that brought me home.

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