Sunday, September 18, 2011

Words and phrases to be eliminated.

My list of words and phrases that I can live without which are over-used, nonsensical, designed to bullshit or are generally annoying.

Awesome, my bad, no you didunt, you go girl, retarded, obamacare, texting acronyms (LOL, WTF, LMAO) anything challenged, tea party, hero, special, corporate greed, just sayin’, bling, ya know right?, holla, peeps, sweet, baby daddy, whatever, irregardless, literally, amazing, issues, orientated, win-win, a-ha moment, that being said, it is what it is, progressive liberal, fiscal conservative, downsize, wow factor, team player, generally speaking, resolve, under employed, in transition, creationism, global warming, detail oriented, 24/7, it’s all good, pacific (specific), that’s neither here nor there, surreal, heighth, let’s do lunch, (numbers 4 words), closure, ya know what I’m sayin’, getting my drink on, I’m all over it, been there done that, annoying.

Any other favorites?