Sunday, April 29, 2012

Da God-father

I received an e-mail from someone recently that was rather unsettling. It contained photographs of famous people who have met horrible and untimely deaths. The first picture was of one of my heroic figures, John Lennon. The gist of the message was that since John made that innocuous statement that The Beatles were more famous than Jesus Christ (and they were) he was mocking the Almighty. As a result of this, John Lennon was shot several times and killed on that fateful night. 

I guess of all the entities in the universe God would have known how to create ‘da right guy to get da job done’. So it seems the Supreme Being took out a contract on poor John, and subsequently created the hit-man,Mark Chapman.

What an evil, vile thought that is. (I guess some e-mail blocking is in order.)

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