Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Psychosis: Lie #1, Reefer Madness

     There has been an actual study recently on the effects of marijuana on people who smoked it as teenagers. They claim that early use results in psychotic symptons in adulthood. I know, definitively, that it's not true. My dog told me that just this morning. I see that propaganda machine is still droning on. They don't study similar effects of alcohol anymore because we all know that it's the most devestating and deadly mind-altering substance known to man. They have no problem allowing us to drink that poison, probably because it's easy to control and they can tax the shit out of it. If weed was legal everybody would be growing their own tax free. Those big ugly men with the guns and tasers tell us we're not supposed to use pot, so for now we have to be lock-step with their way of thinking. I don't have the need to smoke it anymore because I'm high on life and all that shit, but it's all so ridiculous for them to hide behind some bogus medical study. Leave people alone to do their thing, they aren't hurting anyone.

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